November 22, 2016

CSU students show off their game faces at CAB event

Some of you may have heard of NBC’s game show “Minute to Win It,” but have you heard of another called “In it to Win It?” Campus Activities Board (CAB) brought the show to Cleveland State University’s campus for students on Nov. 9 with the help of game show company, Game Shows to Go (GSTG).

According to the organization’s website,, GSTG is a game show company that has been creating games since 2003 and taking them to any venue to make it a good time. The company has its own hosts who make most of their appearances on college campuses.

Also found on their website, GSTG’s mission is to provide clients with an actual TV game show experience and great entertainment while maintaining competitive pricing and the highest level of excellence through customization, production and entertainment value.  Overall, it wants to give a great customer experience of being easy to do business with. GSTG wants to make every customer a returning client.

Brittany Nevison, CAB’s after dark chair, said that this is the second time GSTG has come to Cleveland State through the activities board.
Last year the company brought the game “Do You Remember Being a 5th Grader?” during CAB’s After Dark programming.

According to GSTG, the game resembles the game show “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” but is made to test knowledge on what was in the media during the time period players were in fifth grade.
Returning this year, GSTG introduced their new game show “In it to Win it.” The game show resembles the actual show hosted by Guy Fieri, “Minute to Win it,” but the company altered it to make it its own.

Just like the actual game show, contestants compete against each other in games that use household items and test their quickness to complete a task in under a minute. Whichever contestant wins the most games has a chance at winning money.

Although each student had a chance at winning their own money, they competed as two teams together, the red and blue team. This left the team that won, splitting the money in the end.

“CAB and myself wanted to bring back ‘Game Shows to Go’ for another After Dark event this year so we can continue to get students involved on campus,” Nevison said. “This is a fun event where students can step away from classes and get the chance to win some money that could help pay for any college expenses or anything else.”

During the event, students not only had the chance to play games and win money, but received free food and were able to enjoy the night life on campus.

“The money that was funded toward getting ‘Game Shows to Go’ back on campus was paid through CAB,” Erin Mahoney, marketing chair for CAB, said. “So the money that was given to students during the event from the host was from our board. Giving students a chance to have some fun and win money in the meantime is a great way to get involved.”

For other events involving CAB, check the weekly CLEState Calendar alerts or on the university’s events tab located on the website’s homepage.


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