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Portable chargers as shown in this photo are available across campus as CSU participates in a trial for wireless charging options.

November 22, 2016

CSU takes part in portable phone-charging station trial

By Emily Brown

Cleveland State University recently introduced new portable charging stations across the campus as a part of a new trial.

Miro Humer, director of Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships Information Services & Technology for the department of Facilities and Safety said the process for adding the stations began last spring.

“Last spring I met with the Student Government Association to discuss our current initiatives and to hear about student concerns,” Humer said.

“The need for charging stations was mentioned as a significant student need. We had several across campus, but they were expensive and could only serve one student at a time. We had an opportunity to participate in the trial of these portable chargers and jumped at the chance. The portable chargers have built-in connections for Apple lightning and micro-USB, so it should work with all major phones,” he explained.

The chargers, also known as Oomf, will be located at 10 different locations across campus, and can be activated in a few simple steps, according to Humer.

Humer explained that if a student needed to use an Oomf he would grab one from one of the locations, select the type of cord needed for the phone, and then activate the Oomf at using the four-digit code on the back of the device.

Then the student would be able to charge the phone for up to 24 hours free of charge. Because the devices are portable,  Humer elaborated the question of theft has to be addressed.

“To use the charger a profile needs to be created on,” Humer said. “Part of that profile is a credit card number. The first 24 hours of use are free, beyond that a fee of $5 per day is assessed up to a maximum of $75.”

“The users receive reminder emails that their free period is ending, so we hope that everyone returns the chargers on time.” Humer said.

The devices are a part of a trial in which Cleveland State is participating, so the future for the Oomf devices is still uncertain, according to Humer.

“At the end of this three-month trial, we’ll evaluate the usage and make a decision about continuing the service and possibly adding more chargers,” Humer said.

Devices can be found at the following locations across campus: the first floor lounge area of Fenn Hall, the open lab on the first floor of Julka Hall, lounge area of the Science & Research Building,  the welcome counter in the Student Center,  first floor lab of Main Classroom building, the front counter of the Library, the interlink lounge of the Music and Communication building, the front counter of the Law library, the lower level lab of the Business college, and the atrium of the Urban Affairs buildings.



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