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President Ronald M. Berkman recently discussed politics in the media age and responded to questions from students who shared their ideas and opinions.

November 22, 2016

Berkman addresses election issues in visit to political com class

Cleveland State University President Ronald M. Berkman came to discuss the presidential election with students in Communication 347: Political Communication, a course taught by Professor Richard Perloff, Ph.D., Friday Nov. 7, the day before the election.

“There could not be a better time to be taking the course that you’re taking,” said Berkman. “It really demonstrates in a very material way the intersection between what you’re doing in here, at the university and in this class, and a very real world component.”

In 1987, together with Laura W. Kitch, Berkman wrote a book titled “Politics in the Media Age,” which discusses politics and media in that particular political climate.

“The thesis of the book was that media would become an ever more important instrument for the practice of politics,” Berkman said. “And in doing that, both the practice of politics and the political institutions themselves – the presidency, Congress, the Supreme Court – all those institutions would be changed by the rise and the power of the media.”

The students divided into groups to discuss the pros and cons of various issues, such as political advertising and the presidential debates, and afterward presented their ideas to the class.

Berkman and Perloff facilitated a discussion among the entire class to discuss the ideas and opinions related to the candidates and the current election.

After his mini lecture, the students asked about varying topics, such as Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and finances, with Berkman supplying his thoughts and opinions.


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