October 13, 2016

'Pink Gloves' classes now at Rec Center

By Mike DeRosa

“Pink Gloves Boxing” is a women’s self-defense program that has been spreading worldwide. According to www.pinkglovesboxiwwng.com, "Pink Gloves" started out as a workout session in a field in Montana in 2006. Now it is a program all over the United States and even parts of Europe.

It is this same program that found its way to the Cleveland State University Recreation Center last year.
Natalie Eberhardt, a senior at Cleveland State and one of the "Pink Gloves" instructors, said in an interview, “It’s kind of like karate, where the different tiers are like different belt colors. Each tier incorporates more and more learning. The moves get harder as you go up each tier.”

Because "Pink Gloves" is a recently introduced program, only tiers one through three (out of seven total) are available.

Eberhardt also said in addition to boxing, and a variety of other self-defense techniques, there’s a lot of strength and agility training.

“We always start by warming up,” said Eberhardt, “then we get into shadow boxing, where everyone lines up in front of the mirrors and I show them what we’re going to be practicing that day.  After that we go through the bouts (the different stations that focus on different parts of the overall training). Once we finish those, we all meet in the middle for some ab workouts and stretches to cool down.”

The course has had many positive reviews since its debut.

Ellie Rickett, a senior at CSU and a former Pink Glove member, said in an email interview, “I found it to be beneficial because I was getting a good work out and learning self-defense at the same time. I would definitely recommend [it to] other girls because you not only get to learn the fundamentals of boxing, but you also get to know a great group of girls too."

"My instructor and fellow "Pink Gloves" girls were always encouraging and pushing each other to work to their fullest potential while having fun at the same time,” said Rickett.

Olivia Thibault, a senior at Cleveland State, said in an email interview that she also finds the class beneficial and that it made her a stronger and more confident person.

According to Eberhardt, the program itself is not only a good physical workout, but it’s also a good way to strengthen the mind and build up relationships within a community.

"Pink Gloves" is set up to not only give you a physical workout, but also to give you a mental workout,” said Eberhardt. “It’s about becoming a stronger you in general.”

The cost of the lessons vary from tier to tier. Tier one costs about $95 for Cleveland State students, which includes a 10-week course consisting of two classes each.  Also included is a boxing kit containing a draw string bag with a keychain, bracelet, a member’s manual (which members carry throughout their entire time while in the program) wrist wraps, and mitts.


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