October 13, 2016

Faculty Senate approved curriculum changes will affect many departments effective 2017

Cleveland State University Faculty Senate approved changes to the curriculum for political Science, communication, women’s studies minor and approved of a new undergraduate certificate in historic preservation at their October 5 meeting.

The political science bachelor’s degree will delete PSC 318: The Presidency and Congress, and will replace the class with two new courses.

The new courses will be PSC 316: American Presidency and PSC 320: Congress and the Legislative Process. The old class was a four credit hour class and the two new classes will be three credit hour classes.

Faculty Senate approved changes to the Communication program that will help aid the 4-3 credit hour conversion and provide consistency in the graduation requirements across the four programs.  The same changes were approved to the Accelerated 4+1 program, a program that allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in five years.

The Women’s Studies minor will change WST 151: Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies, from an elective to a required course and will now offer ANT 224, Sex, Gender and Culture as an elective course.

President Ronald Berkman spoke at the meeting and confirmed that Cleveland State is addressing the elevator problems in Rhodes Tower and the university will consider moving classes from Rhodes tower to different parts of campus.

Dr. Jianping Zhu, provost and senior vice president of Academic Affairs informed the senate that the search for new deans of business, law and graduate studies are still continuing. The business school has a committiee formed, while the law and graduate studies are still looking for members

The meeting also featured a presentation by Peter Meiksins, Vice Provost for Academic Programs, about what Cleveland State can do to help retain first-year students. The presentation focused on what faculty can do to help first-year students become comfortable with the university and how the use of Starfish has benefited the students by identifying academic troubles early enough to be solved.

Meiksins proposed that the faculty should look into having tenured members teach the entry level classes, so the students would feel more of an attatchment to the university in their first year feel more comfortable with the faculty. 


Faculty Senate approved curriculum changes will affect many departments effective 2017

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