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Aleksandra Golawska, a junior at Cleveland State, has been playing tennis since she was 6 years old.


May 9, 2017

Player profile: Aleksandra Golawska

Cleveland State University junior Aleksandra Golawska she said she fell in love with tennis when she started playing as a 6-year-old in Poland.

With 16 years of playing experience, this member of the university tennis team recently received a Viking of the Week award for picking up her 50th career singles win.

“It’s always a big honor to become the Viking of the Week, and getting that 50th career singles win makes it even more exciting,” Golawska said. “I am proud of myself and happy that my hard work pays off.”

Golawska said she feels most comfortable being able to switch up the pace during rallies with her opponents. “Most of the ladies are used to hard flat balls,” Golawski said. “Being able to hit balls with a different pace and mixing up the game gives me a huge advantage over my opponents.”

When it comes to confidence during a match, Golawski said it depends on the day and her attitude. In general though, she feels composed on the court and can handle adversity well.

When it came to influences, Golawski singled out her dad. She said her dad has been an inspiration for her on and off the court.

“My dad taught me and helped me to become the person I am, showing me how important hard work and dedication are in life,” Golawski explained. “Throughout my entire career he’s always been there for me, making sure I use my full potential and become a successful player.”


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