Photo courtesy of Christina Papantoniou

Seniors Sarah Roberts (left) and Christina Papantoniou (right) show their support for Stroke Awareness with signs they received at the event.


March 9th, 2017

Students encouraged to learn the signs of stroke at educational event on April 27

Vikehealth and Well-Being held a Stroke Awareness Event April 27, designed to acquaint attendees with the signs of a stroke to support May’s designation as Stroke Awareness Month. Educational materials given to attendees informed them of the warning signs of a stroke or FAST, which stands for face dropping, arm weakness, speech difficulty, and time to call 911.

Other educational materials included flyers that showed that nine out of 10 Americans consume too much sodium. Another flyer gave statistics on how, on average, someone dies of a stroke every four minutes.

More than 690,000 strokes in the U.S. are caused when a clot cuts off the blood flow to a part of the brain, this is why the importance of getting to the hospital quickly is stressed. The procedures must be administered within a few hours to lessen the chance of being disabled after experiencing a stroke.

Christina Papantoniou, an intern for the American Heart Association played a large role in putting on this event.

“I took the lead on this event to see if I could reach out to a younger audience and see how the reaction would be on campus,” Papantoniou said. “We had a speaker that had a stroke when she was 7. It’s important to know that a stroke can happen at any age.

Students also participated in an “I’m a stroke hero campaign” that had them hold up a sign and wear a mask or cape to show their support for the event. Sponsors encouraged students to post a picture of themselves with their signs on social media.

People dressed up in superhero costumes also attended the event to show their support for the event and teach about the healthy dietary patterns that can help to reduce stroke risk.

Students also participated in a game of human bowling to symbolize “striking out stroke.”


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