May 9, 2017

Cybersecurity conference looks at privacy risks


Emerging issues about the complexity of cybersecurity highlighted the second annual Cybersecurity Conference hosted by the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection Center April 27 and 28.  

Co-hosted by Lee Fisher, the interim dean of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and Brian Ray, professor and co-director of Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection, this event targeted new strategies in managing cybersecurity and privacy risks. It focused on the combination of legal, managerial and technical methods to dealing with developing issues.

Maureen K. Ohlhausen, the acting chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, was the keynote speaker on the first day. Travis Leblanc, former chief of the Bureau of Enforcement of the Federal Communications Commission, was the opening speaker on the second day.

Tom Briggs, a second year law student at Cleveland State, attended the conference on the first day. According to Briggs, the advantage of the conference came mostly from the veteran status of those presenting and the sponsors that made it possible.

“It was interesting in that very experienced people were all present,” Briggs said. “Some of the best in the industry were there, and I got to hear the two keynote speakers present. It helped make sense of a lot of the different factors of cybersecurity.”

Government officials, Cleveland State representatives, business executives, cyber insurance firms, litigators, information security officers and privacy managers from an array of businesses attended.

While many students went for the networking, others went for as chance to hear from experts about a developing, relevant industry.

“A major issue with cybersecurity is that it is complex. It is always changing and it is made up of a lot of moving parts,” Briggs said. “It also involves literally every industry, so narrowing down how to explain it is difficult.”


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