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Louis McCoy is a participant in Project 60 at Cleveland State.



May 9, 2017

Project 60 brings new opportunities


All Louis McCoy wanted to do was learn, and with the Project 60 program that Ohio has in place, McCoy can definitely seize his opportunity.
McCoy, 69, is a student at Cleveland State University who has taken advantage of the opportunity afforded to him. Project 60 is a program that allows any Ohio resident who is over the age of 60 to enroll at classes at Cleveland State tuition free. Based off space available, students are required to buy their own textbooks, pay lab fees, parking, etc.
Age did not at all scare McCoy. But why did he desire to go to school so late in his life?
“I love to learn — I think I wake up every morning and I have questions,” McCoy said. He added that he attends school because he wants questions answered.
As stressful as college can be, McCoy knows what comes along with it, but tries not to let it bother him.
When asked what he finds the most stressful thing about going to school, he said, “The rigor — getting back into the mode of studying and trying to keep up with the younger generation.”
He added that school was a challenge, but that it was important to him because the feeling of being around young people made him feel younger.
Despite the Project 60 program being tuition-free for citizens 60 and over, some people might hesitate because it is also on essentially a first-come, first-serve basis. McCoy offered some advice for people who were second guessing themselves about joining the program.
“I think there are a lot of benefits for an older person going to school,” McCoy said, “because not only is it important to work out and be healthful to your body, but it’s also a good idea to challenge your mind.”
 He added that by going to school, a person is continuing to grow, regardless of age and everything that comes with it.



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