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Engineers Without Borders held its duck race in the training pool of the Busbey Natatorium to raise funds for the organization to travel to Belize.


May 9, 2017

Engineers Without Borders holds annual duck race

Flotillas of three-inch, yellow rubber ducks filled a lane in the training pool of Busbey Natatorium on the morning of April 25. Around 100 ducks participated in a heated race to reach the finish line.

The organization in charge of the ducks is the Cleveland State University chapter of Engineers Without Borders, and the Duck Race has been going on for about four years.

The Duck Race is a fundraiser for the organization’s trips. Students are given the opportunity to pick which duck will win, and anyone who bets correctly is given a cash prize.

Robert Miller is the distinctly average name of rubber duck #17, this year’s winning duck. No students guessed it would be Miller, which means the fundraiser will be even more effective for the hosts.

Each year’s event has gone to benefit a different program put on by Engineers Without Borders. This year, the proceeds will be used to fund a trip being organized to Belize.

Originally, the group organized events like the duck race to raise funds for a trip to Uganda.

However, Shaun Clark, the vice president of the Engineers Without Borders and a Civil Engineering major, said that taking any amount of students to Africa would cost considerably more than to Belize in Central America, so they changed focus.

Instead, the money will be used to send the students to Belize again. During their time there, the students will act as consultants in creating efficient and cheap solutions to problems specific to the infrastructure in the area. In June 2013, the chapter went to August Pine Ridge, Belize and assisted in putting together a must not only be able to function in everyday activity, but also withstand hurricanes.

Now the plan has become working in a nearby area to better infrastructure within the country in whatever way the students can.

Events such as the rubber duck race have helped fund their projects, but the group is still looking for more participation. Dina Nabutovsky, an Electrical Engineering major, strongly encourages anyone to join Engineers Without Borders, even those who are not engineering majors.

Anyone who is interested can contact



Engineers Without Boarders holds annual duck race

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