May 9, 2017

Faculty Senate advances changes to several programs

Sixteen Cleveland State University programs requested approvals for modification when the Faculty Senate met May 3.

Introduction to Education, EDB 242 will go from two to three credits. Also, education licensure programs need to be changed for state requirements. This will include adding courses, renumbering courses, removing courses, and changing the sequence of several tracks in the program.

The Diversity Management graduate certificate will have PSY 534, 552 and 630 replaced by PSY 514,515 and 533 for the existing master’s program. All three new classes will be three credit hours and the total number of credits will stay at 18.

The psychology Master of Arts Diversity Management specialization will have PSY 585 to replace PSY 685, Section 980 to distinguish it from PSY 685, Section 981, which second-year students use to study for and take the comprehensive exam.

The anthropology class ANT 250 Culture Change, Diet, and Disease will be added to social sciences general education with writing and critical thinking skills.

The Business Biotechnology Certificate will be deactivated.

The Information Systems Bachelor of Business Administration will replace the deactivated IST 221 with IST 305. The Health Informatics Certificate will replace the deactivated IST 221 with IST 305 as well.

Criminology will add CRM 376 Prison and Society as a writing-across-the-curriculum course. Criminology will also add a new capstone course, CRM 400, to promote writing, critical thinking and information literacy skills.

There will be a 2+2 Agreement between Cuyahoga Community College and Cleveland State for Mechanical Engineering.

A new capstone course for Philosophy, PHL 305 Topics in Philosophy will be added to promote writing, critical thinking and oral communication skills.

The Sociology class SOC 353 Methods of Social Research will be reactivated and converted from four to three credits.

Three new writing-across-the-curriculum courses will be added to the Spanish program. They are SPN 371 Reading Literature from Spain, SPN 372 Reading Latin American Literature, and SPN 418 Spanish Sociolinguistics.

There will be a 3+3 Agreement with Mercyhurst University and Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. It will be similar to other approved 3+3 programs already in place at Cleveland State.

Also at the faculty senate meeting, the University Faculty Affairs Committee brought forth a proposed mission and name change for the Minority Affairs Committee. It will now be named Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The function of this committee is to help the senate develop policies sensitive to the need for diversity on campus.

The senate also heard a presentation on engaged scholarship from the Admissions and Standards Committee. The presentation involved a possible scholarship based on university-community engagement and how it would be beneficial to students and Cleveland State.

The scholarship proposal was put together by 13 Cleveland State faculty members from a range of academic colleges and departments who participated in a three-day workshop last summer to examine principles and practices of university-community engagement and consider how to apply them to Cleveland State.

The faculty who wrote the proposal recommend for Cleveland State’s other faculty members to commit to inspiring faculty initiative, promoting student success, and strengthening community partnership for this scholarship.


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