Graphic by Francesca Gariano and Michael Paredes

September 21, 2016

IS&T offers Macbook Airs and extends rental period

Cleveland State University's Information Services & Technology has introduced new computers for student borrowing and extended the loan times for students in an effort to help students do well in their courses. It will limit the fees students might accrue for returning borrowed items late.

Beginning this semester, students can borrow one of 24 new Apple MacBook Air laptops, for those that prefer them over the Windows laptops that have been available since 2003. These new machines have much longer battery life than PCs and are thinner and lighter than the HP laptops that have been offered. They also come installed with the Microsoft Office application suite and other useful software.

In conjunction with the new technology being offered, students are now allowed to borrow whatever electronics they need for a full 48 hours. This new practice was introduced to accommodate those students on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday class schedules, with items borrowed on Fridays not due back until Monday. Previously students were limited to only 5 hours of usage, which led to numerous late fees, something the department was not looking to create.

"We're not in the business to make money," said Dan Mortimer, manager of IS&T. "In fact, the money that comes in from the fines goes right back into student tech fees and that's what funds the program. It's only a motivator to have students bring back equipment on time so that someone else can borrow it out."

Earlier this year the department began to carry the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which serves as a laptop and tablet in one. For math students they also offer calculators. By carrying several device options, it allows students from all majors to do whatever work is required of them with more ease.


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IS&T offers Macbook Airs and extends rental period

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