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Dr. Anette Karlsson, dean of the College of Engineering (left) and Coordinator Hannah Rosen (right) worked together to organize the luncheon.


September 21, 2016

Engineering school holds student luncheon

By Briana Contreras

The Washkewicz College of Engineering had its first ever freshman luncheon with the dean of the college on Sept. 8, according to the dean herself, Anette Karlsson.

The freshmen engineering class of 2020 who attended the new, casual event were able to speak with the dean as well as their advisers. Students were welcomed with free food, learned all about Cleveland State’s engineering program, familiarized themselves with advising and navigation and most importantly what can benefit to them as students during their time here.

Some of these benefits include organizations and programs they can join to have a better learning experience and become more involved in their fields. Others include semester awards for performance and 30 scholarships available to engineering students.

“We want our students and faculty to form better relationships with each other since many of them don’t get that chance,” Karlsson says. “In my five years as dean here at CSU, we thought a luncheon was the best idea to get students aware and engaged as they can be as engineering students.”

In addition to the opportunity to become closer to the faculty and dean, they also learned about the new building as well. Students were able to have some fun with games, raffles and win prizes based on their knowledge of engineering at Cleveland State, also.

Louis Wenner, a freshman computer engineering major and prize winner at the luncheon, thought that his time learning about the engineering program was very beneficial.

“In high school I was interested in computer engineering and had some knowledge of CSU’s co-op programs,” Wenner says. “Before walking into the luncheon, I wanted to learn about scholarships and certain clubs or organizations I could get involved in. So now I know a lot about those and I have a bag full of prizes to leave with.”

As stated by the dean, about 350 students enrolled in the School of Engineering for the 2017-2018 school year.

“While the City of Cleveland continues to grow, Cleveland State grows, as does our School of Engineering,” Karlsson adds. “We have almost doubled in student attendance.”

According to the school’s coordinator, Hannah Rosen and manager Gregg Schoof, many events occur in the School of Engineering that involve students throughout the city..

Upcoming events include the Rockwell Picnic on Sept. 29, Student Services open house on Sept. 15, the Engineering Connection Fair on Oct. 14 and Engineer’s Week from Feb. 19-25.
For further details on events, visit the Washkewicz College of Engineering page on Cleveland State’s website.


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