April 19, 2016

Senate aims to eliminate dishonesty

Cleveland State University Faculty Senate wants to put a set of procedures in place that will deter students from academic dishonesty in E-Learning classes.

The senate met on April 6 with the intention of ratifying a document that would require professors to hold tests in person if they are considered “High Stakes Tests” (a test worth more than 25 percent of the final grade). This brought up some issues with the Senate.

“Students are taking these classes because they fit with their own schedule so they don’t have to take off work and now we are going to require that they take off work, come downtown and pay for parking along with the adjunct professors teaching them?” Dr. Eileen Berlin Ray asked the senate.

The purpose of the in-class exam would be to cut down on using their notes, book or the internet to find answers. The in-class exams would also require students to bring photo-ID to guarantee that the person taking the test is the same person who enrolled in the class.

The senate agreed to rewrite the policies with its concerns and ideas addressed and bring the proposed document up for vote during the next meeting, Wednesday, May 4.

The senate is also attempting to modify the X-grade that is given to students who either need more time to complete the class or as an alert to contact the professor. They are working on a sure definition as what the X-grade will be used for if they should abolish the grade and use the incomplete grade, in its place.

The Faculty Senate will meet again on May 4.


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