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Michael Symon's newest restaurant, Mabel's, opened downtown on East 4th Street, Monday, April 11.


April 19, 2016

Mabel's opens on E. 4

There’s a new kid on the block in the popular East 4th Street area of Downtown Cleveland. Iron Chef Michael Symon has just opened his second restaurant on the street and he’s promising a new era in Cleveland barbeque.

Mabel’s BBQ had it’s grand opening April 11 and is hoping to make a mark on the Midwest. Nestled next door to his other popular spot, Lola, the new venture from the famous meat-centric chef was inspired by his passion for the different regional barbeques found around the United States.

“Other cities are known for BBQ – Texas and Kansas City for example. We figured it is time to put Cleveland on the map,” Symon said. “Cleveland has always been my home, my city. We’ve had Lola on East 4th Street for almost 20 years and we’re excited to expand our footprint here.”

The menu features nostalgic flavors unique to the Cleveland area like a mustard-based sauce that incorporates the ballpark mustard Symon grew up with and local maple syrup and hot chilies.

The restaurant, named after a beloved pet bull mastiff Mabel, was slated to open a year and a half earlier but was put on hold while Symon waited to get multi-ton Smoked-Master Ovens.

“The smokers are really one of the most important parts of Mabel’s and the barbecue,” Symon said. “We wanted it to be just right.”

Now open, Symon says visitors can expect “a fun and vibrant atmosphere with food that can’t be found anywhere else in the country.”


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