April 19, 2016

Campus International school replaces parking lots 10, 11

Cleveland State University white permit surface lots 10 and 11 shut down in the middle of fall semester 2015, leaving students with fewer parking options.

As of March 2, construction trailers appeared in those lots, suggesting that work is underway. However, prior to March 2 the lots were vacant without any sign of future plans for the lots or if and when they would reopen.

University Architect Bruce Ferguson explained the future plans for those lots in detail.

“There will be a public Campus International School going there that will serve students K-8,” Ferguson said.

The lots closed last semester for survey and underground utility work, he explained, because the school is to open in August 2017.

“Cleveland State will be leasing the space to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District for some amount of dollars for 50 years, similar to the lease agreement with Langston,” Ferguson said. “It’s all about trade-offs.”

Though there will be fewer parking spots available to Cleveland State students, Ferguson said this project promotes positivity in the neighborhood.

“This new development helps students who attend the school, along with Cleveland State and the neighborhood,” Ferguson said.

Overall, the new Campus International School will prepare students K-8 for college, with the help of faculty mentors.

“It is a pipeline for students to attend [Cleveland State University] and it increases the quality of the neighborhood,” Ferguson said.

The primary goal is to balance convenience with cost alongside other university needs, Ferguson added.

As far as parking options are concerned, Director of Communications William Dube said there are no plans to build new parking lots right now.

“There is a limited amount of space in an urban university and it’s important to utilize that space as much as possible,” Dube said.

However, Director of Parking Services Ben Rogers said 50 new parking spaces were added to white permit surface lots 50 and 51 – directly across from closed lots 10 and 11.

In addition, a study conducted in 2014 by a local traffic-engineering group, Baker Engineering, identified 4,361 parking spaces available around campus, including parking garages, surface lots and meters. The study also showed that the peak parking hour is at noon on Wednesday, but ample parking spaces exist any other day and time of the week.

However, if parking availability or cost is a concern for students, Ferguson suggested that students utilize all the options given to them such as the free RTA U-Pass and the free trolley (E-Line).

“If safety is a concern, students can also use the escort service at no cost,” Ferguson said.

Rogers is also working toward making students’ commute smoother by implementing various message boards around campus. Students will notice temporary boards set up near parking garages to inform students how many spaces are available upon arrival. In due time, the message boards will be permanently placed around campus.

“There is also a parking app that students can view through the ‘myCSU Mobile App,’ which shows how many parking spaces are available in each garage throughout campus,” Rogers said.

For more information on parking availability, students can access this feature through the “myCSU Mobile App” on any smartphone.


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