April 19, 2016

Sexual assault prevention funding awarded to CSU

The Ohio Department of Education awarded Cleveland State University $7,500 in support of peer education related to target sexual violence prevention efforts.

The Ohio Department of Higher Education awarded more than $212,000 to fund 22 campus education projects at two and four-year public and private colleges to reduce sexual violence, according to a Cleveland.com article on March 24.

The funds will be used for peer education focusing on sexual violence education, which includes a certified training program according to Health and Wellness Coordinator Denise E. Keary.

“The $7,500 will be used for peer education focusing on sexual violence prevention education,” Keary said. “We have a certified training program that’s involved with the nationally certified training program through BACCHUS, [Boosting Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students]. All of the participants who go through the training and pass the test will become a nationally certified peer educator, so they will receive a certificate and a letter to kind of have in their portfolio if you will.”

“But that training is really geared toward learning communication skills, interaction skills, leadership skills, how do you talk with somebody who might need help,” she continued. “It also touches on some bystander skills.”

Keary said that the program will target specific groups on campus such as fraternities, sororities, athletics, residence life, multicultural center and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning [LGBTQ].

Although targeted toward those specific groups on campus, the program is open to the general public.
The Health and Wellness Center is recruiting for the training program from April to May and then will recruit again in the fall when students return.

The training program will officially begin in October.

Students who are interested can fill out a peer education application on the student wellness website.

Along with this program, the Health and Wellness Center also has events planned for Sexual Assault Awareness Month on April 14, 20 and 28.

These events will engage students and help them understand the seriousness of sexual assault.
The Center also has a survey it is asking students to fill out.

The “Safer U” survey let students share their perspectives and experiences relating to sexual assault.
Yulanda L. McCarty-Harris, director of the Office for Institutional Equity and Title IX coordinator, said that the survey covers various subjects.

“The survey includes different topics such as those who have experienced it,” she explained. “We have questions that focus around the myths of sexual violence. We also have questions about alcohol awareness and drug abuse, demographics questions. The survey has a lot of information.”

If students participate in the survey, they will be entered to win an iPad, parking passes, gift cards and other various prizes.

Keary said she wants students to be more involved.
“I want them to know that they can be involved and there is room for everybody in this program,” Keary said.


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