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Erica Henkin, Zack Pichler, and Toni May address questions that students have about attending graduate school.

April 19, 2016

Grad Student Appreciation week celebrated April 4 to 8

Cleveland State University celebrated Graduate Student Appreciation Week for the first time from April 4 to April 8. Graduate Student Appreciation Week is a nationwide event, originally begun in 1993 by the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students.

More universities are joining the event each year across the country. At the request of Cleveland State’s College of Graduate Studies, Cleveland mayor and Cleveland State graduate Frank Jackson proclaimed the week as Graduate Student Appreciation Week across the city of Cleveland.

Different activities were held each day, including a career and leadership development workshop, safe space training and certification, and 2016 Research Day, an event where scholarly student work was displayed by the College of Sciences and Health Professions.

Not all events were targeting graduate students such as a panel discussion entitled “Life of a Graduate Student” took place on April 5. Undergrads were invited to join and listen to six Cleveland State graduate students give advice and answer questions about taking graduate classes at Cleveland State.

The six panelists were asked why they chose to go to Cleveland State for graduate school and they had varied answers. Alex Roth, president of the Graduate Student Association at Cleveland State, left Ohio State University to come to Cleveland State to finish his engineering degree as Ohio State’s program ran out of money mid-degree and he wanted to stay in Ohio.

Chika Morkah, an international student, had much more to think about than just courses as she moved from Nigeria to come to Cleveland State, but the strength of the Global Interactions program is what helped her make the decision to study at Cleveland State.

Larry Heller, a graduate student in social work, praised the faculty at Cleveland State. He said they have their own published work that he has cited in research. He also noted the low cost of tuition compared to other nearby universities. Zack Pichler, a graduate student in the mental health program, chose Cleveland State because its mental health program is one of the top programs in the country.

One question asked was to name the biggest difference between undergrad and grad courses. Some responses included three times as much reading, more in-depth papers, and lots of discussion in class which will show whether a student read and knows the material.

In answering a question about managing time, Toni May, a graduate student in the adult education program, said, “If you don’t want to work hard, don’t even [sign up] and start.”

Pichler stressed the importance of taking care of yourself to avoid burnout. He recommended taking at least one thing you enjoy doing for leisure and making time for it each day.

Morkah said that volunteering and internships are vital to develop yourself and to have something to put on a resume – connections that could lead to a job in your desired field.

Some facts that undergrads may not know about grad school include the following.

Your undergrad degree and master’s degree do not need to be in the same field. The difficulty in being accepted is different for every single program – a grad advisor or recruiter will be able to give specific requirements.

For most graduate programs, a Graduate Record Examinations exam (GRE) is required.

The panelists do not recommend buying a GRE book as there are many free tests online and the book is almost identical year to year. However, they do suggest timing yourself while taking a practice test to get used to answering the questions under a time limit.

For more information on the graduate programs offered by Cleveland State, you can go to the Graduate Admissions Office at Campus 411.


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Grad Student Appreciation week celebrated April 4 to 8


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