March 29, 2016

CSU police department hosts campus safety events

As the warm weather breaks, Cleveland State University’s police department wants students to stay safe.

            Crime Prevention Officer James Rivera hosted campus safety events in the late afternoon on March 8 and March 9 to remind students who are on campus during later hours to be careful and to review the precautions they need to take.

            The events began with Rivera taking questions and comments from students about police activity on campus and the crime that occurs on campus.

            “We do normal safety presentations Monday through Friday from 9 to 5, but we are trying to expand our outreach to those who aren’t here during traditional hours,” Rivera said.

            Rivera shared tips for students to remember such as walking with a purpose, walking in groups, staying alert and not being on the phone. He also discussed what makes a good description of a person.

            One of the main concerns students expressed was the visibility of university police on campus. Students said that university police are not on campus as much as they should be.

In response, Rivera said that students are their main concern, and that he will take police visibility on campus into account.

            “Our chief is about engagement and being out there among the students,” Rivera said. “We’ve got a lot of compliments; someone from catering asked if something was wrong because they have been seeing us a lot more.”

            Rivera said the majority of crimes that occur on campus are crimes of opportunity. Crimes of opportunity occur when a perpetrator does not plan a crime, but sees the chance to commit a crime and seizes the opportunity.

            The university offers numerous resources for students to use to avoid being a victim of a crime, such as the escort service offered 24/7, Viking Shield app and the Rape Aggression Defense System (RAD) for women.

            Rivera ended the event by passing out safety whistles to students and encouraging them to follow the police on Facebook.

            “I would just ask them to friend us on Facebook,” Rivera said. “We always have tips available for students.”


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