March 29, 2016

CSU coaches rated online

“Rate My Professors” is a popular website where students can find what people have to say about the various professors and educators at their campus. It provides a chance to let each student know what they may be in for when the time comes to enroll in a class, and what to expect from it.

That rating experience has been taken to a new field with the development of This website allows students to look up reviews and comments about campus coaches and athletic programs.

What began as a student project for Keristen Sires, a graduate from Skidmore College, a Liberal Arts College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and her two co-creators Nick Petrella and Annie Weis, has now evolved into a fully functioning website that is open to the public.

“The idea was created in the fall of 2013, and it actually launched as an official website in November of 2015,” Sires wrote in an email interview. “It was originally a class project, but we felt so strongly about the idea that we just turned it into something official.”

The website has information on different universities’ athletic programs and coaches throughout the country, including Cleveland State University. The site shows reviews and comments on 13 of Cleveland State’s coaches, like men’s basketball coach Gary Waters and women’s basketball coach Kate Peterson Abaid.

Other reviews include wrestling coach Ben Stehura, and softball coach Becky Norris.

Sires said that to get information on different schools they look at the universities’ webpages and roster.

“We generate all the information of the coaches, so we have their profiles by looking at NCAA, which has a website up with information. Then we also look at school websites,” Sires said. “We get that information to create profiles for the coaches. Then student athletes can go on our site and post anonymous reviews about their coaches and rate them.”

To make sure that the comments are appropriate and all of the information is up to date, Sires says they hired a tech company to help monitor the site. According to Sires, the team generates information, leaves options for providing comments, and then spreads the word to those who may generate interest in the website by means of mail, email and social media.

The site consists only of college coaches and sports programs, but Sires said they are trying to keep high school athletes involved throughout their team recruiting process as they move on to college.

“We also want to reach out to transfer students athletes, who are between NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) and NCAA, or are switching schools,” she added. “Those are some of the other people we’re trying to reach out to as well.”


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