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Three students enjoy the new CLASS lounge located on the first floor of MC.


March 29, 2016

CSU opens new CLASS lounge

Cleveland State University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLASS) renovated the first floor of Main Classroom on the north side of the building to bring students a new lounge.

The new lounge is a place for students who are a part of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences to hang out and study. The lounge officially opened on March 3 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The decision to create the lounge came about for two reasons, according to College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean Gregory Sadlek.

“One [reason] is that we don’t have a building of our own,” Sadlek said. “We are spread out all over the campus. We needed a central place that was kind of emblematic of the college so that was one reason to do it.”

“The second reason is that there has been a lot of talk about the value of degrees in liberal arts and many of the programs that we offer, that they are not job oriented enough,” he continued, “so we wanted to be able to have a place to showcase our alumni who have been successful with our degrees.”

Sadlek said he believes that the new lounge is beneficial and has received feedback from people who are a part of the college.

“I personally think it’s beneficial,” Sadlek said. “We have received a lot of very good feedback from faculty and different stakeholders of the college. Everybody is very pleased that we have a space like this.”

Not only was the lounge created for students in CLASS, but it is also for prospective parents and teachers who visit the campus.

The lounge will be now be a part of tours given to visitors.

The lounge will have helpful information about CLASS and even has a link listed in the lounge where students can use their smartphones to find out more information.

“We have a website that goes with the lounge and the URL is listed on there,” Sadlek said. “So people on their smartphones can actually access it when they go past it if they want to know more about it, which gives a lot more information than the lounge does.”

“What we are doing is obviously trying to sell the college,” he explained, “not to take students away from any other college because we value what every college on this campus does.”

Sadlek said he hopes the lounge adds more value to the degree programs offered in CLASS.

“We hope that we have created an attractive space for students and adds value to the campus, and it’s a way of communicating with our students,” Sadlek said.


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