March 29, 2016

Heart Attack Man negotiates deal

Since he was 10-years-old, Cleveland State University student Eric “Airick” Egan has played any instrument he could get his hands on.

“I started with drums and just picked up other instruments along the way,” Egan said. “I’ve been playing in punk bands since I was 13.”

However, Egan admitted he doesn’t know how to read music.

“I can’t read music,” he said. “You have to know how to read music if you want to study it. I go by ear — I’m musically illiterate.”

Egan, 23, is graduating from Cleveland State this May with a bachelor’s degree in English.

Aside from his studies, Egan is in a band called “Heart Attack Man”— originally an idea for a studio project that reached unexpected heights.

Egan was formerly a member in a band called “Ages,” which released a seven-inch (Rest Your Head) in January 2014.

“I wasn’t really writing too much music in my old band,” Egan said. “Once my old band broke up, [Heart Attack Man] kind of came to the forefront and I decided to run with the idea.”

Egan said he wanted to do something out of his comfort zone and try something that was fresh and exciting.

“I started out basic and created short and to-the-point songs,” Egan said. “I wanted people to want more, and the only complaint I received was the songs were too short.”

Since then, Egan has continued to build upon the idea he had after his former band broke up.

Heart Attack Man has gone through some member changes, however, the band is now solid with four members — Adam Paduch on drums, Eric “Airick” Egan and Josh Voland on vocals/guitar, and Mike Brugh on bass.

Egan said the band is anticipating the release of its new album, “Manson Family.”

“It’s an alternative sound with punk and pop sensibilities,” Egan said.

The band traveled to Philadelphia in April 2015 to record the 12-track album in six days.

The recording of the current album is complete; however, the band is still in the mixing and mastering process. “It’s a slow process,” Egan said. “But, it’s sounding exactly how we want it to.”

Unofficially signed to Mayfly Records, a small independent label based in Cleveland, Heart Attack Man had to self-fund their latest record.

“Even though we’re signed to Mayfly Records, we had to self-fund the project,” Egan said. “It’s more like a handshake agreement. It’s a release-by-release basis, and they helped us create and promote our most recent EP.”

Heart Attack Man is negotiating with a record label, but it has yet to make an official commitment.

“We haven’t signed yet but we’re in negotiation for something,” Egan said. “We can’t talk about it much yet because nothing is official.”

Egan elaborated, “In preparing for this album, we’ve been thinking about what we should do and whom we want to work with. We want to work with a label that actually likes our music. I want someone to be invested in it and passionate about it.”

Egan admitted this project is his primary focus right now, other than graduating this semester.

“Upon graduating, I want to pursue this for a while and see what we can make of it,” Egan said.

However, Egan also expressed interest in studying entertainment law.

“Going through this whole process and hiring an entertainment lawyer has peaked my interest in it,” Egan said. “If I immerse myself in it and get this experience now, then down the line I can go to law school and specialize in entertainment law.”

But as for right now, Egan wants to focus on producing his band’s new album and exploring any and all opportunities given to them.

Heart Attack Man will be playing its next show May 31 at Mahall’s in Lakewood. For more information about Heart Attack Man, visit


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