March 29, 2016

CSU student creates new app to quicken restaurant ordering

Barkeep4U is a newly launched campus app at Cleveland State University that allows students to use their mobile phone to place an order with Burgers to Beer Express (B2B) and Café Bon Appetit.

Nick Cicerchi is in charge of the app and created the app because he did not like waiting in lines.

“I saw so much time spent and clunkiness from order taking and payments at restaurants, and I knew there had to be a smoother way,” Cicerchi said. “We all have smart phones, and value our time and convenience. I figured why not automate some of these manual transactional processes, so we can have more value-add exchanges.”

The app has not been advertised much besides going up to students in the Student Center and handing out fliers.

“We have been lucky to get some great [Cleveland State] students on our team to help spread the word and come up with advertising ideas,” Cicerchi said. “Actually, students have taken upon themselves to work on creative advertising ideas to spread the word and reach to various groups, teams, classes and other Cleveland State communities about the app’s benefits.”

The Barkeep4U app allows students to place an order through the app and pay for their food so when their food is ready, all they have to do is go pick it up at either B2B or Café Bon Appetit.

The app started after Cicerchi grew to love the food at B2B.

“One day I had lunch with a friend at B2B and loved the food,” Cicerchi said. “I saw that everything was made fresh and that customers were willing to wait. I got to know the manager and B2B staff and when I told them about the app, they loved the idea.”

Café Bon Appetit was first started after Cicerchi worked with the Coventry location and then expanded to the Cleveland State location. “I got to know the folks at the [Cleveland State] location, and saw there was a similar benefit,” Cicerchi said. “Again, I really love the food here and thought the app would be a convenient for students ordering in between classes.”

Cicerchi explained getting the app up and running has definitely been a journey. “Building the app is just one piece and takes focus and effort, but finding our audience is really the most important,” Cicerchi said.

“Adopting and growing customers is where we are really finding ourselves as a company.”

Burgers to Beer Express and Café Bon Appetit are the only two restaurants that are included with the app so far, but other restaurants could be added with popular demand.

“Our growth and restaurant adoption will really be based on listening to what customers want,” Cicerchi said.


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