February 29, 2016

CSU keyboard students showcase musical talent

Cleveland State University held its annual Keyboard Festival at Drinko Hall on Friday, Feb. 19, showcasing graduate and undergraduate music department students.

The festival was directed by Angelin Chang, coordinator and instructor of piano and keyboard studies at Cleveland State University.

She has her Doctorate of Musical Arts (DMA) and also teaches at the Cleveland-Marshall School of Law.
Designed to showcase the talents of keyboard students, the event highlighted what they have been learning throughout the school year.

Eli Manos is a sophomore majoring in music composition along with piano performance. He said he was excited to perform in the concert.

“The point of the concert is to showcase what we’ve been working on so far this year,” Manos said. “We practice to get ready for our juries, which is an exam for music students where we perform our instrument for some teachers, and they grade us on our progress.”

“During the jury session there are three to five instructors who specialize in their instrument,” Manos said. “For example, one of my instructors is Dr. Chang since she is a piano instructor. We perform our two pieces that we worked on over the semester, and they grade us based on how we did.”

In response to questions about the challenging aspects of being a music major, Manos indicated that time management is the hardest part for him.

“Lots of our time is spent in the practice rooms,” he noted, “and we have to organize our time (so) we can learn our music [and manage] our classes as well. It can be very stressful.”

Students and faculty who are interested in hearing the performance but missed the concert can watch it at www.livestream.com/CSUMusic.


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