Photo Courtesy of Roman Macharoni

(From Left to Right) Alex Frazier, Maddie Hasebein, Savana Carlton, members of A Capella, serenaded students for Valentine’s Day on Feb. 12.


February 9, 2016

A Capella group serenades Valentines

On February 12, students and faculty were caught off guard as the brand new student organization, Cleveland State University A Capella Group, made its rounds – serenading those who received a song sent from a loved one for Valentine’s Day.

Charging $3 per song, group President Maddie Hasebein says all profits will go to improving their equiptment.

“This is the very first semester we’ve done this,” Hasebein said. “And it’s the first fundraiser we’ve ever done.”

With the organization only being approved as of last fall semester, Hasebein says the goal of this event was to help get the new group on their feet.

“The goal is to compete with other colleges around the area,” Hasebein said. “This will really help us in our practice, and the money raised went to building up our group.”

In total, the group raised around $80, which may not seem like much. However, Hasebein says considering the price for songs and the fact that most students were unaware that Cleveland State had an A Capella Group, she was happy with the results overall.

“I talked to some of my friends in the music building and they said we’re expecting to sell about 8 tickets,” she said. “But, we sold well over 25 and got several donations from students roaming by. It was just a phenomenal experience and I can’t wait to see how this expands in the future.”

Most of the serenades were pranks and a means of embarrassing one’s friends, rather a sweet gesture by a couple. But, the moment was still enjoyable nonetheless for spectators and those who received the serenade.

“From what I witnessed it was more pranksters, sisters, a mom to a daughter, faculty members,” Hasebein said. “But, it’s still nice to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit, I mean it’s one of my personal favorite holidays. So, just to make people smile was just so great.”

The group plans to do another similar fundraiser in October and its first live performance will be March 24 in the Student Center Atrium during common hour.



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