February 29, 2016

CSU sells out of parking passes

By Khadija Smith

As the semester begins, students are typically concerned about what parking lot to park in, but this semester students ran into the problem of sold-out permits.

Cleveland State University Parking Services can only sell permits based on the number of spaces it has available. Parking Services has an industry standard it must follow and is being more generous with the number of permits it has sold, according to Matt Neuman, assistant director of Parking and Transportation Services.

“The number of permits is based on the number of parking spaces we have available,” Neuman said. “We use industry standards and are actually more generous than typical industry standards in allocating permits per space.”

The decision on how many permits to release per semester is made by Parking Services, but it can only base this decision on the number of parking spaces the university allows it to have.

According to Neuman, Benjamin Rogers, director of Parking and Transportation Services is involved in planning to help resolve the issue but said the university would rather build an academic building than build a parking lot.

“Director Rogers is a little bit involved in some long term planning, but at the end of the day the university is going to build an academic building instead of a parking structure,” Neuman said.

With the lack of permits, Parking Services is trying to accommodate students the best it can by leasing out two parking lots and offering a one-day parking permit for $2.

Parking Services even released permits on Feb. 1 and Feb. 16, after selling out. On Feb. 1, an additional 75 permits were released and on Feb. 16, 50 more.

Parking Services was also able to reconfigure the area around lots 50 and 51 to provide an additional 50 parking spaces.

“We were able to squeeze another 50 parking spaces out of the existing land by making an alley disappear, and there was a gravel area that was abandoned that we paved over,” Neuman said. “We were able to reconfigure that entire area.”

Although Parking Services is trying to accommodate students, some commuters express viewpoints that suggest it is an inconvenience to their daily commute.

Calah Thompson, senior history and social studies major, said she finds it frustrating that Cleveland State Parking Services ran out of permits for the semester.

“Being one of many commuters at CSU, I find it frustrating to deal with the lack of parking passes for students,” Thompson said. “This semester I am left to pay daily which is a major inconvenience to an already difficult daily commute.”

Neuman said he wants students to know that Parking Services is doing its best with the parking spaces they have available.

“We want everyone to understand that we are doing the very best we can with the spaces that are provided,”Neuman said. “We can only park so many cars in x amount of spaces.”


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