February 9, 2016

AMA speakers offer advice for internships

Cleveland State University’s collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) brought in two speakers from Northwestern Mutual, a financial services company, on Tuesday, Feb. 2 to offer students advice on how to prepare for internships during their college career.

Brittany Korth, campus recruiter, and Dane Zavodny, financial representative, covered the topics of networking and interviewing, specifically regarding internships.

“One of the questions I always ask in my interviews is ‘What do you know about Northwestern Mutual?

What is your perception?’” Korth told the group. “If you say to me, ‘I don’t know. I don’t have a perception,’ then you didn’t do your research. So go to your interview and know why you’re there and know what job you’re applying for.”

Korth expressed the importance of being prepared for an interview by researching the company. She said applicants should come in with knowledge of their skills and what they can bring to the company that correlates with the job description.

Summarizing previous successes and experiences, asking for specific details and being honest are important for applicants to include during interviews, the campus recruiter stressed.

Giving complete stories versus one word answers allows for specificity on what an applicant did, said, felt, or thought.

“I want to know about your adversity,” Korth said.

She said it was important for her to know how someone learned from that experience and how they grew. Is he able to work in a challenging environment?

Zavodny spoke about networking and how to do it successfully.

“You’re building your relationships to get to an end result,” he said. “Think of what value you can bring to the person you’re talking to.”

Preparation, delivery and follow through are the three most important components to networking, he said.

“Old successful guys love young guys hustling; old successful girls love young girls hustling,” he told the group. “They appreciate it.”

“You guys hear the bad rep about millennials all the time,” he continued. “You guys are lazy, you guys expect too much, you just don’t work hard, you’re not committed to anything.”

“Be the person that’s different,” he said. “That sets you apart. One of the things that will do that is calling somebody up.”

Sending thank you notes and following through with connections puts you on somebody’s radar, Zavodny said, stressing that putting yourself out there is one of first steps to networking successfully.

“This program was important for our members because a lot of them are in the stage of college where they are looking for internships or their first real job,” said Erin Black, vice-president of professional development for the university’s AMA group said.

Black, a junior marketing major, has been in charge of professional development for the group since May 2015. Black schedules events such as speakers or workshops for the organization’s meetings and maintains contact with the Cleveland AMA.

Last semester, Black scheduled a LinkedIn workshop with a social media specialist for AMA members.

Rather than explaining how to edit and make a physical resume, Madeline Malicki from The Ad Com Group instructed members on improving their LinkedIn pages to play into the changing media landscape.

Black stressed the AMA group would have additional speakers throughout the semester. Already scheduled are speakers on small business marketing and workshops that focus on resumes, interviews and social media presences.


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