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The Galleries at CSU features an array of historic pamphlets and programs from the Cleveland State archives.


February 9, 2016

The Galleries at CSU celebrates '150 Years of Euclid Avenue's Greatness'

The Galleries at CSU opened its doors to 255 attendees on the evening of Jan. 21 to view its two new exhibitions, “150 Years of Euclid Avenue’s Greatness” and “I Came So Far for Beauty.”

Located in the South Gallery and Media Room, 150 Years of Euclid Avenue’s Greatness is the Galleries' first history-based exhibition presenting a narrative of Cleveland’s ‘Champs-Elysees,’ with artifacts, maps and photographs.

Cleveland State lecturer and program research coordinator, Richard Klein, curated the history-based exhibition, with help from the Cleveland Public Library, the Michael Schwartz Library, the Kent State University Museum and Cleveland State Archives.

The new location of the Galleries at CSU, formally known as the ‘CSU Art Gallery’ located on East 23rd and Chester Avenue, purposefully relocated itself in the heart of Euclid Avenue’s theatre district to honor the history behind it.

Robert Thurmer, director of the Galleries at CSU, says the decision to relocate in 2012 was to better serve the campus community.

“The Galleries at CSU is just a continuation of what we’ve already done in the past at the [Cleveland State] Art Gallery,” said Thurmer. “However, it is now called 'the Galleries' instead of ‘art gallery’ because it’s no longer just arts — it will serve history, culture, design and so on.”

In an interview with Cleveland State graduate Josh Usmani, who is currently the visual arts editor for Cleveland Scene, Klein elaborates on the historical significance of Euclid Avenue.

"Today's thoroughfare began as a dirt path called the Buffalo Road. It became Cleveland's Millionaires' Row during the second half of the 19th century. At the outbreak of the First World War, Euclid Avenue shed its elite residential character to become one of this city's foremost commercial boulevards. More recently, it has assumed an entirely new role as a major component of the expanding Cleveland State University campus,” Klein said to Usmani.

The artifacts, maps and photographs presented in this exhibition display a journey through 150 years, from the village-like quality in the early 1800s to a major industrial city and commercial setting by the 1870s.
Meanwhile, in the North Gallery, “I Came So Far for Beauty” is the first art exhibition of 2016.

Lane Cooper, artist and associate professor and chair of painting at the Cleveland Institute of Art, alongside Karl Anderson, co-founder of Forum Art Space at 78th Street Studios, curated the exhibition.

“The historical narrative is set-up as a prelude to ‘I Came So Far for Beauty’ exhibition as all of the participating artists are based in Cleveland,” said Elizabeth Sisley, art history major at Cleveland State and Galleries worker.

Both exhibitions will run until Feb. 27. For more information visit


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