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CSU kicks off the spring season with a new taste at Chili's.


February 9, 2016

New Chili's restaurant receives mixed reviews

As spring semester is underway, Cleveland State University is going through some changes.

New students have enrolled, the student lounge in the main classroom building is being refurnished, and the long-time on-campus restaurant Bar Euclid is now a Chili’s.

On Jan. 25, Chili's opened for a new on-campus dining experience. According to Christopher M. Hall, the marketing and communications manager for CSU Dining, the construction of Chili’s officially began last year. “It was replaced with a more energized offering and modernized space that was refreshed,” Hall said. “We are always searching for new ways to better serve our campus community.”

Hall explained that the new features include a new menu, as well as “new and more comfortable furniture along with some fun artwork, fresh paint and wall resurfacing. In addition, we completed a bar upgrade with USB ports and plug-ins for charging devices.”

According to Hall, after examining student input and determining that a rebrand could be completed, they wanted to do something so that students coming to campus could enjoy something new and fun.

“We conduct student surveys and campus-area mapping studies that outline the existing area dining options,” Hall said. “We present findings to the university for consideration to bring a concept to campus. Our culinary experts keep up on the latest dining trends so our stations have variety as well as healthy options. We also support students with special dining preferences if they have food sensitivities.”

Despite the dining hall’s attempt to appeal to the students, many of them seem rather indifferent to the change. Roman Marchoni, a junior communication major, said, “It’s essentially Bar Euclid with a new paint job and a Mexican flare.”

Anna Kotowski, a junior biology major, commented “They had a good veggie burger, which is hard to find. I was excited about Chili’s until I checked the menu. It has like, two vegetarian options, so it’s going to be hard for me to eat there.”

Chili's has only been open for a short time, so it is still too early to determine whether the change in dining options was a good decision.

Only time and the students of Cleveland State will be able to tell.


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