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The Fenn Tower Musical Theatre Troupe poses for a photo.


February 9, 2016

Theatre troupe presents 'Seussical The Musical'

Fenn Tower Musical Theatre Troupe is creating its own version of the popular Broadway show, “Seussical The Musical.

It will take place in the main classroom auditorium on April 22 and 23.

This will be the first full musical the student-run theatre troupe will perform.

Cleveland State University students created Fenn Tower Musical Theatre Troupe (FTMTT) four years ago.

The inspiration behind creating FTMTT is the idea of it being completely student-run with the goal of putting on one musical per year that is student-directed, student-choreographed and student-performed.

Matthew Stewart, assistant musical director of “Seussical The Musical,” says anyone is welcome to participate.

“Most of the students that are part of the troupe have been in theatre before, especially in high school,” Stewart said. “You don’t necessarily need to have experience. If you express interest in theatre, we’re happy to accept anyone into the group or as part of the stage crew for a particular production.”

“I’m a computer science major with a minor in statistics, but I love doing theatre and have a lot of experiencing doing theater,” Stewart continued. “Being a part of this student-run group is a fun extracurricular for me.”

FTMTT has struggled to find enough students interested in being a part of the musical troupe, which is one of the reasons this is their first fully student-run musical production.

Last October, FTMTT put together a Musical Revue called “A Series of One-Acts,” a collection of one-act theatrical performances that combines music, dance and sketches to entertain the audience.

FTMTT refused to lose its momentum after the success of “A Series of One-Acts” and announced the official dates for “Seussical The Musical” days after the musical revue show.

However, finalizing “Seussical The Musical” was not an easy task according to Greg Kula, musical director and founder of FTMTT.

“It is a process getting a student-run musical approved,” Kula said. “First, we have to check with [Musical Theatre International] to make sure that the musical isn’t currently on tour.”

After it’s approved through MTI, the next task at hand is to come up with funds for the production. A lack of funding could potentially make or break a production.

Fortunately, the Student Government Association was able to provide FTMTT with the funds to put on “Seussical The Musical.”

Kula encourages all Cleveland State students to participate in this spring’s musical. FTMTT welcomes actors, musicians, stage crew and anyone willing to help with the musical production.


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