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Zoe Jones (right), SFC president, Jack Slater (center) and Stefan Knaack (left), members of SFC, collect feminine products for the Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center, Wednesday, Dec. 2 in the Student Center.


December 7, 2015

Feminist organization hold drive for women in need

The Student Feminist Coalition (SFC) collected feminine products to benefit the Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center, Dec. 2 and 3 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Student Center Innerlink.

SFC also offered educational material and answered questions about menstruation and menstrual products to end the stigma surrounding them.

The products collected will benefit women living in shelters or those that use the advocacy center’s services.

Not an often-donated item, the shelter has requested that those interested in donating bring super absorbency maxi pads, of any brand or size, to help the women at the center.

“We are doing [this drive] because we think that most times when people donate to these organizations, [feminine products] are not something that they donate,” Zoe Jones, president of SFC, said. “You always hear about schools doing food drives, but shelters and women’s centers need these products because women do need them. It is a necessity for them.”

“So we wanted to do that because we thought our group could actively state that this is something women need. We are also doing it to talk about the stigma that can come with having a period,” she continued.

According to Jones, SFC members hosted an informational session for their male counterparts, which includes taking them to CVS to buy products for the drive and explain to them the differences between brands, products, sizes and absorbencies.

“We’re [going] to have a Q&A with them and we told them they could ask us any questions,” Jones said. “Some of the responses so far have been pretty funny.

We talked about some pads have wings and one of the boys was like, ‘Wait, do they fly?’ So we are trying to be educational about it.”

Besides collecting products to donate, SFC will also be giving out information about reusable menstrual products to students, including reusable menstrual cups and sanitary pads.

“With students, we will be tabling Dec. 2 and 3 and one thing we will be talking about is reusable menstrual products, to let people know there are other options too,” she said. “We will hopefully have some flyers from [Diva Cup] and then we work with another outside organization and she will be bringing in some educational material to share.”

“I hope that we can continue to do this and I hope that the response is better each time,” Jones said. “So I would like to see the group continue to do this every year.”

If students, faculty or staff are interested in donating either products or money to benefit the advocacy center, contact Jones at zoemae0194@gmail.com.


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