November 16, 2015

Men’s soccer prepares for playoffs; Women’s soccer season falls short

By Maria Ivanov

Cleveland State University’s men’s and women’s soccer teams have had a challenging season, each facing some wins, losses and tied matches.

At the start of the playoffs the women’s soccer team earned its spot at sixth in the Horizon League Championship.

Head coach Sonia Curvelo, leads her team in the first match against University of Kentucky.

“It’s always important to always have a good start — to always position our players to win games,” Curvelo said. “They are taking more leadership in the back to be more accountable for everything that they do.”

The women’s soccer team ended their season on Nov. 2 against Kentucky.

This was their first match for the playoff season, but they were unsuccessful at scoring any goals during the match.

The Vikings almost had an opportunity to score a goal within the first ten minutes, but were stopped by the opposing team’s goalie.

They ended the season with eight wins, 10 losses and one tied match. The team was happy to make its second return to the Horizon League Championship.

Cleveland State’s men soccer team led by Ali Kazemaini prepared for the playoff game on Nov. 6. This game will conclude their 2015 season.

“Thinking about how the season has been this year, we have been down and out. We continue to work with the players, you kind of give them a little bit of success, and hope that things around us do work, and we learn and grow from it,” Kazemaini said.

In preparation for the playoff game the coaches rearranged some of the players on the field.

Once they made a set-up that worked for them, they stuck with it, which continued to bring in more wins.
The men’s soccer team was successful in winning their first playoff game.

Since the game was tied after both halves were played, they went into overtime.

Once the first overtime was over, the other team seem to have the advantage, but they went into a second overtime, where Cleveland State was able to successfully beat them.

They will advance to the next round of the Horizon League Championship and will play their next game on Nov. 12.

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