Nov. 16, 2015

Diversity fashion show presents ‘Walk the World’

By Becky Raspe

Cleveland State University’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) held “Walk the World,” a diversity-based fashion show Nov. 12 in the Student Center Ballroom, which highlighted traditional clothing from the various cultural backgrounds represented at Cleveland State.

The event is the result of CAB creating a new position on its executive board, the diversity chair, which is held by Lina Billings, a sophomore majoring in Speech and Hearing.

She has previously organized other events related to diversity at Cleveland State like “Coming Out With CAB,” “Who Is CSU” and “Multicultural Monday.”

“The purpose of the event is to show all sorts of variety in cultural outfits from different countries,” Billings said. “I want students to walk away from the event knowing they have learned something new about a culture.”

Some of the student groups who participated were the Lebanese Student Organization and the Latinos Unidos — students from Hungary and the Ukraine also participated.

Along with the typical fashion show set-up — a runway surrounded by chairs on each side — “Walk the World” had an on-site Henna tattoo artist, information tables for the student organizations, arts and crafts related to the different diversities represented and a photo booth.

“Walk the World” is the last CAB event organized by the diversity chair for the fall semester.
Billings said she is hopeful to continue planning events centered on the rich diversity at Cleveland State.

“I want all of us to appreciate and see each other’s differences,” she said.

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