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AIGA celebrates becoming an official chapter of the organization with a party.

November 16, 2015

AIGA offers graphic designers chance to connect with employers

By Reese Shebel

The American Association of Graphic Art (AIGA) has been a student organization at Cleveland State University for years, but on Oct. 29 they finally applied as an official chapter.

AIGA is a national organization that connects graphic designers and creates awareness of new design opportunities by introducing them to employers in the work world.

As a new registered Cleveland chapter of the national organization, students can include they are official members of AIGA on their résumé, attend local events, network with famous designers and learn new skills.

“Being an official part of the national organization as a representation of Cleveland State is a huge opportunity,” Audrey Bazyk, AIGA president, said. “Being in a network of professional designers is so beneficial to students.”

The Cleveland State chapter is required to have 10 registered members to be official, and the entire student organization has about 20 members.

“We hold meetings every week, which I think is really helpful because it brings the students together,” Bazyk said. “A lot of times we share our work to get feedback, and it’s really helpful to have fresh eyes of students from other classes on our projects.”
Bazyk said that as president, she makes an effort to unite not just design students, but also all art majors in general.

“We are currently working on promotional items to sell, as another effort to unite students and we also have a hand-lettering workshop in December with Adam Vicarel, a freelance graphic designer,” Bazyk said.
AIGA Cleveland will be entering a student design competition called Flux, which gives students a chance to have nationally recognized work in their portfolio.

“It’s hard for students to enter sometimes because it can be really expensive,” Bazyk said. “For broke college kids that don’t want to pay $25 to $50 per piece that they enter, it makes it easier because its only $10 per entry if they are a member.”

Bazyk encourages people to join the developing organization, whether they’re a design student of not.
Meetings are held on Thursdays in the Middough Building at 3:15 p.m in room 215.


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