Photo by Adam Scraga

Students practice their vertical jump abilites and learn more about personal fitness at the Fit Far Nov 12.

November 16, 2015

Rec Center holds event promoting student fitness

By Adam Scraga

The Cleveland State University Recreation Center held its annual Viking Fit Fair for the campus-wide community on Thursday, Nov. 12.

During the event, participants go through seven stations to determine their fitness levels compared to averages of other people living in the United States.

The seven stations included resting blood pressure and heart rate, body fat percentage, body mass index, upper body muscular endurance through pull-ups, cardiovascular endurance through a shuttle run, broad jump and vertical jump distance and flexibility.

Despite being a yearly event, the Viking Fit Fair does not normally have many participants, according to its organizers.

“We only had 40 people come last year so we’re hoping for at least 50 this year,” said Angela Kirila, graduate supervisor of fitness and wellness for the Recreation Center. “We’d like to have more, but you can’t force people.”

After participants finished all seven stations, they received a card with their scores and were told what they could do to improve in specific areas. They were then given a chair massage and free Rec Center merchandise as well as a coupon for a discount on an upcoming class.

“I hope after getting their results, people will attend more classes, sign up for a personal trainer, or take advantage of our new massage room,” Kirila said.

The Recreation Center has no more special events this semester, but its next event is Wellfest, which will be held on Jan. 21 in the Student Center. The goal of Wellfest is to distribute information on nutrition and fitness.

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Rec Center holds event promoting student fitness




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