Photo by Carissa Woytach

Students Samantha Francis and William Hall practice their signing at the ASL Halloween Party.

November 16, 2015

ASL Club hosts scary good Halloween Bash

By Carissa Woytach

The American Sign Language Club (ASL) held its annual Halloween party Friday, Oct. 30 in the Student Center Ballroom.

ASL students from Cleveland State as well as members of the deaf community attended the event.

The event was organized by club President Samantha Francis and Vice President Jaison Anderson. While the event was not difficult to plan, according to Francis, it was a fun, inclusive event for the deaf community and students.

“A lot of the deaf individuals in our group contact a lot of their friends and have their friends come, which is really nice, and then we just let everyone in the ASL club know,” Francis said.

With a party-like atmosphere, the event allows students who are learning ASL to practice their signing and interact with the deaf community to experience deaf culture.

“We always wanted a fun event in the fall for all the ASL students to come together and people from the deaf community too,” Francis said. “Normally we just have low music because some people are very sensitive to sound and [then] we start playing games.”

These games included an animal signing game, where participants were assigned an animal, such as pig or cat.

Students had to recognize their animal’s sign and then sign another person’s animal without breaking the chain.

They played another game where participants paired up and had to mirror one another, which was meant to help students practice facial expressions.

A costume contest was also held, as well as pumpkin decorating for children.

Since Francis is a senior, freshman Jaison Anderson will soon be taking over ASL club.

While he plans to continue the annual Halloween party, he does wish to add more to it in the future.

“It’s going be more fun [and] more awesome,” Anderson said. “More people and more ideas, that’s the only [thing] I want.”

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