October 26, 2015

CSU trains students on substance abuse

By Adam Scraga

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week was recognized both nationwide and at Cleveland State University beginning Oct. 12.

“It is recognized to promote safe choices and educate students about the effects and consequences of drug and alcohol use,” said Rhonda Abrams, graduate assistant for Health and Wellness Services at Cleveland State.

Health and Wellness Services set up tables the Student Center’s second floor with information about alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other drugs. One table was serving non-alcoholic cocktails and had beer goggles students could try on to simulate the effects of alcohol.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 60 percent of college students reported drinking within the last month, and 40 percent reported binge drinking, consuming five drinks for men or four drinks for women within a two-hour period.

This leads to serious consequences — every year 1,825 students dying nationwide from alcohol-related injuries and vehicle crashes, and 97,000 students becoming victims of alcohol-related sexual assaults.

Cleveland State has a low frequency of drug and alcohol-related incidents, according to Valerie Hinton-Hannah, assistant dean of Students and Judicial Affairs Office.

“As Cleveland State is primarily a commuter university, our drug and alcohol related incidents are low in comparison to surrounding colleges and universities,” Hinton-Hannah said. “Students can use those substances external to the campus.”

For those who do get sanctioned by Cleveland State, students under 21 face parental notification, alcohol education and being placed on disciplinary probation. Students over the age of 21 face alcohol education and disciplinary probation. Alcohol is the most common substance reported to the Office of Judicial Affairs, according to Hinton-Hannah.

Also, Cleveland State has been tobacco free for faculty, staff, and students since 2013. That means using any tobacco-derived or containing products is prohibited in all university facilities, on all university grounds and at university-sponsored events. Violating the policy will result in disciplinary actions by the university.

If someone at Cleveland State believes they have a drug or alcohol problem, Abrams recommends they contact the Cleveland State Counseling Center, at 1836 Euclid Ave. or call 216-687-2277.

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