October 6, 2015

Fall Visit Day aims to attract new students

By Sara Liptak

Each season brings new beginnings to Cleveland State University. With scheduling systems online and help from the Admissions Department, Cleveland State enrolls new students each semester.

On Saturday, Oct. 31, Cleveland State will be full of potential new undergraduate and graduate transfer students for the Fall Visit Day event.

The Cleveland Stater reported on Sept. 14 that the university welcomed the largest freshman class in its 50-year history this fall.

Cristina Woyton, manager of visit experience in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, is very involved in planning and says it was no surprise that Cleveland State enrolled its largest freshman class this fall.

“From Aug. 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014 to [Aug. 1 2015], we saw a 1,000 student increase in our visitors,” Woyton said. “That was between our daily tours, our special events and new events that we added.”

According to Woyton, the college saw an increase of 700 students between the daily tours and special events, which brought in another approximately 300 prospective students.

The Office of Admissions tracks how many applications they receive throughout the year to compare percentages to previous semesters.

“We knew we were ahead [compared to previous semesters], but it’s always the goal to get [students] through to orientation and get them to actually enroll,” Woyton said.

Some of the highlights of Fall Visit Day include campus and residence hall tours, financial aid information and meeting with academic representatives in the student’s desired major. Student tour guides who help out at the event to show the potential students the campus and all it has to offer.

“Fall Visit Day is an introduction to the university,” Woyton said. “We show students the university’s majors and programs, student services and help them decide on coming to our campus while getting their first look at it. It’s our big kickoff to recruitment.”

Throughout the year, the Office of Admissions does recruitment events geared towards those who attended Fall Visit Day, to keep students interested in attending and orientation events, which enroll students in their classes.

Fall Visit Day included three sessions last year, where those who registered would choose a time to visit the college and begin their tours.

“Last year’s breakdown between the three sessions that we had on Fall Visit Day, we had around 596 students attend with their guests, so that was roughly 1,000 people in attendance,” Woyton said. “Out of the 596, we had 206 enroll at Cleveland State. From 2013 to 2014, enrollment increased [by] 37 students.”

According to Woyton, 477 first-year students attended last years Fall Visit Day. Of those students, two were graduate students, 62 where high school juniors, two were high school sophomores and 43 were transfer students new to the university.

Woyton mentioned that students are considered an “inquiry” at first. If the students sign up for a visit, they’re considered a “prospect.” After that, they’re considered an “applicant,” to an “admit” and then are considered an “enrolled.”

“Our whole goal is to move them through that cycle [of] events and our email communications,” Woyton said. “Everything we do is structured to move them through that process.” As of press time, there are more than 300 students registered for Fall Visit Day.

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