October 26, 2015

Course evaluations set to move online for student review

By Reese Shebel

The Student Government Association is taking steps to publicize teacher and class evaluations on CampusNet so students can view them prior to registration.

The Faculty Senate has already implemented the rule that the evaluations will all be online, and a pilot of this method was tested on selected courses last semester.

“It’s like an in-house version of ‘Rate My Professor’ with real student feedback,” said Emily Halasah, Student Government Association president.

Halasah is pushing for the shift from paper to Web because of the extreme decrease in return rate and the effect of evaluations on students’ education.

“There was only 60 percent return rate last semester,” Halasah said. “These evaluations are so important because it provides the administration, the students and the teachers with valuable feedback that we need to make Cleveland State better.”

Halasah said she thinks that the ease of the online evaluations will help with the lack of feedback, especially because they will be mobile friendly.

“Students will get a direct email on week 12 of classes to evaluate the course,” Halasah said. “It would take maybe 15 minutes to complete and it’s all anonymous so it will not affect grades.”

Another reason that the online evaluations will be helpful is because of the quick turnaround to produce data in a readable way that the paper version couldn’t.

“The old way of evaluations would take as long as a year to consolidate the data and professors couldn’t implement those changes to their courses,” Halasah said.

Now, the department secretary will look for consistencies in the optional written comments section to build a report and the Reichart-scale-style questionnaire will be computed quickly and efficiently to give to professors.

SGA plans on holding events during the 12th week of classes to promote completion of the evaluations.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Hannah White, a senior at Cleveland State, said. “I used ‘Rate My Professor’ for a lot of my scheduling so it would have been nice to have it all there on CampusNet.”

Additionally, White said she would probably be more inclined to actually fill out the review if it was easily accessible on her phone.

If all goes well, students will provide more useful feedback and professors can apply changes to their courses accordingly for a more successful in-class experience.

“It’s just a utilitarian way to make the university better,” Halasah said. “It’ll just gather a ton of feedback to push everyone.”

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