October 26, 2015

University increases patrols

By Becky Raspe

The Cleveland State University Police Department has partnered with Cleveland Police to increase campus patrols during peak hours of activity.

According to Jennifer Ciaccia, public relations officer for the Cleveland Police, this partnership revisits an agreement made in March 2007. This agreement gave university and city officers authority within each other’s jurisdictions.

Following recent crime spikes, the university has enlisted city officers to work alongside campus officers.

The increased patrols started on Oct. 5 and will continue through a trial period. Representatives from both departments said the officer increaces would not raise costs as both departments have reallocated funds.

“Officers will join efforts and share resources in their bicycle and foot patrols and the addition of marked patrol cars during peak evening hours,” said Gary Lewis Jr., chief of police at Cleveland State.

“This safety initiative took place over the past two weeks and will continue over the next few months in an attempt to be more proactive in visibility and enforcement aimed towards the safety of students, faculty and staff.”

Although there have been previous agreements made between the two departments, Lewis said that this partnership is much more collaborative.

“The collaborative initiative with the Cleveland Police Department is the first of its type that is geared towards increasing an officer presence for campus safety,” he said.

With all of the extra safety measures on campus, one student said she does feel a lot safer navigating the campus at night. Mallory Wapperer, a freshman nursing major, said it’s a good thing that they are involving more police on campus.

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University increases patrols

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