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Art students exhibit a variety of media during the student show.


May 9, 2016

Student work featured at The Galleries at CSU art show until June 11

The 45th Student Show and the Merit Scholar Exhibition featuring artwork of Cleveland State University students including paintings, drawings, photography, graphic design, video and sculpture, opened at the Galleries at CSU Thursday, May 5.

This year’s student show displays 69 works of art by 42 Cleveland State students in the South and Center Galleries, and the Merit Scholar Exhibition in the North Gallery, which features work of 2015 and 2016 CSU Art Department Merit Scholars.

Robert Thurmer, director of The Galleries at CSU, said students featured in the Merit Scholar Exhibition have received scholarships that can vary in amount up to full tuition.

“It’s nothing to be sneezed at,” Thurmer said. “It’s a decent amount of money, and it’s part of their commitment as a merit scholar to show what they have done with it.”

The students in the exhibition have completed one year of a merit scholarship and some are repeat scholars, Thurmer added.

“Theoretically, students can get a full-ride for all four years,” Thurmer said. “Incoming freshmen are encouraged to apply as well because there are all different levels.”

The Merit Scholar Exhibition recipients are Elisabeth Dare, Valerie Lazar, Benjamin Rodriguez, Heather Molecke, Reese Shebel and Natalie Snodgrass.

Valerie Lazar is a two-year merit scholar majoring in graphic design and receiving her certificate in arts management from Cleveland State University.

“I’ve had such an experience being a scholar,” Lazar said, “from being involved in professional meetings regarding setup and future plans for the merit show, to learning how to professionally hang my artwork on my own.”

In this year’s show, Lazar displays three 30-inch by 40-inch paintings conveying her visual depiction of being in a long distance relationship.

In the South and Center Galleries the focus is quite different than in the Merit Scholar Exhibition because professional artists judge the students’ work.

“The 45th annual student show in the South and Center Galleries is a juried exhibition, where students display their exceptional artwork and receive scholarships based on their winning work,” Thurmer said. “This year’s exhibition was juried by Liz Maugans from the Zygote Press and Johnny Coleman from Oberlin College.”

“Every Cleveland State student [regardless of major] is eligible for the annual student show, even graduate students and people from Project 60 are eligible,” Thurmer elaborated.

(The Project 60 Program enables any Ohio resident, age 60 or older, to audit classes at Cleveland State University on a tuition-free, space-available basis.)

“This is something students can put on their resume,” Thurmer added. “If their work is featured in the show, it’s a big deal because it’s on public display, it’s very prestigious to be a part of the exhibition.”


2016 Student Show Awards

Honorable Mention- Wade Gagich,  “Expired Bueaty”

Honorable Mention- Kat Hollo, “We Shall Overcome”

Honorable Mention- Elizabeth Dare, “Tuesday At The Market In Lisbon”


Best of:

Project 60 – Jeanetta Ho, “Giftbearers”

Photo –  Michael Giles, “Critic”

Print –  Ren Harcar, “Our Lady of Sorrows”

Painting  - Diane Zizka, “Untitled”

Drawing – Jeanette Thomas, “Overlook”

3D –  Heather Moleke, “Freight”

Show –  Cassie Blotzer, “Rising Tide”


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