May 9, 2016

CSU celebrates 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, the Michael Schwartz Library opened a new exhibit, “Shakespeare in Cleveland,” on April 26, which included a scale model of the Globe Theatre.

Students were free to examine the display, enjoy cupcakes and listen to the musical performance from lute and vocal duo Donna Stewart and Ron Andrico, who performed limericks and songs from plays like “Twelfth Night.”

Students could also check out the works of the famous playwright.

Aaron Mandrake, an incoming freshman who had come across the event with an orientation group, thought the event was a cool and different way to remember the historical figure.

“Everyone has read some Shakespeare at some point in (his) academic career,” Mandrake said. “It seem[ed] like a nice way to pay homage instead of just reading something from his work, and a way for people to come together on the campus.”

The Shakespeare in Cleveland exhibit will be available throughout the summer according to Barbara Loomis, Project Coordinator at Michael Schwartz Library.

“The library, in partnership with the English Department, will host various Shakespeare related events in anticipation of the traveling tour of First Folios stopping in Cleveland this summer,” Loomis said.

The First Folios is the first published collection of all Shakespeare’s plays that was assembled in 1623.

They will be on display at the Cleveland Public Library from June 20 to July 30. The event will be free and open to the public.

For more information about the event and other future events, you can visit their website at


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