May 10, 2016

Cleveland State SGA Senator seeks to reinstate campus daycare

Finding time to study for exams, completing homework and working a full-time or part-time job can be difficult for students, but for students who have children, these tasks become even tougher because they also are taking care of a family.

Trying to balance school, work and home life can be overwhelming for degree-seeking parents.

Finding someone to care for your child while attending school can often be difficult, but Student Government Association Senator-at-Large Christine Siy has a plan to help parents by bringing back a daycare to campus.
Cleveland State offered a daycare on campus a couple years ago but closed it in 2014 because it didn’t attract enough users.

Siy sent out a survey April 14 to gather opinions from students and faculty, which consisted of 13 questions on various topics pertaining to the daycare.

She designed the survey to develop a sense of how students felt about the daycare being brought back.
The survey covered the location of the daycare, how students would pay for the facility, the times the facility would be used, and what it should provide for children.

Siy wants to bring back the daycare service so students who are parents can obtain their degree while knowing their child is in a safe environment. The main goal for bringing back the facility is so students can be more efficient.

“What I’m hoping to accomplish primarily is to help the students, this is to bring it back to students so they can be more efficient in the classroom, more efficient in their personal life and to overall be a successful Viking,” Siy said.

Not only will this be a great help for parents pursuing degrees, she said, but she believes that it could set Cleveland State apart from other schools in Ohio.

“This is a great initiative to help us be competitive as a school in Ohio because we have to compete [with] [Case Western Reserve University], we have to compete with [Kent State] and [University of Cincinnati],” Siy said.

“We have to compete with all these schools, and it would really help us to stand out, and we are already a very diverse and urban type of college and this would just set us apart.”

Siy will continue to receive feedback from students and faculty on campus before she takes the feedback higher up. She wants to get as much input as possible to ensure that this plan would have the participation to succeed beyond past programs.

The program will not only be for students, but also for faculty and staff.

Although it is the end of the semester, Siy has plans to continue this project into next fall.

She has plans to hold more surveys and involve more people in this plan.

“I want students and faculty to know I am really fighting hard to bring this back and I can use help in trying to get this plan [into] action,” Siy said.


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