May 10, 2016

Faculty Senate passes online test policy

Cleveland State University Faculty Senate agreed to a new policy that will require students taking an online class to come to campus for testing.

The new rules, ratified Wednesday, May 4, say that if a class has a closed-book test that will count for more than 25 percent of the total grade, then the test must be held on campus.

Students will have to show up to these tests with a photo ID during the required time of testing. Faculty will be able to proctor the exam if there is a problem.

The new E-Learning rules will also require students to have a photo in the Campusnet system or provide a biographical statement or short introductory video.

The new rules will be tested during the spring semester 2017 with the hope of large scale use of these policies will take place in fall 2017

Information about the rule changes will be available on Blackboard and on the websites of the university, library, department and course websites, as well as in the course syllabi.

The Senate also abolished the use of the X grade for all members of the faculty except the registrar.

The X grade has been used when a student did not complete the course requirements and has not communicated with the professor. Professors will now have the choice of giving the student an Incompuete or an F.

A motion was carried that will require professors to post a version of their syllabi online a week before the semester starts for all classes. The goal of posting the syllabus early is so that students will know what the course will require before the start of the semester. The professors will be allowed to post a previous semester’s syllabus.

The Senate also defined the difference between part-time and adjunct faculty, as the terms had been used interchangebly.

Adjunct faculty are appointed by the provost for a single academic term, while part-time faculty hold positions for longer than a semester.


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