Jamie Gilbert

Photo courtesy CSU Athletics

Mental coach Jamie Gilbert speaks to Cleveland State athletes about techniques for creating a stronger mind and body during gameplay.

September 14, 2015


Jamie Gilbert emphasizes physical, mental confidence

By Madison Lomas

Cleveland State University athletes attended a mental coaching seminar at the end of August from Jamie Gilbert, CEO of Train to be Clutch, to kick off the upcoming season.

Gilbert is the co-creator of a nationwide program that mentors various professional athletes, coaches and college teams. He has also co-written the book “Burn Your Goals: The Counter Cultural Approach to Achieving Your Greatest Potential.”

Swimmers, soccer players and wrestlers alike sat in the Main Classroom as Gilbert discussed principles that could not only help them become better athletes, but better students as well.

In an interview on Sept. 3, Gilbert gave some thoughts on what his work is all about.

“Our workshops are really the starting point for people who want to make tangible change in their lives,” Gilbert said.

A common theme in his seminar was the idea that everything people do and associate with has a big influence on their lives.
Each principle gave the athletes unique tactics to work toward becoming better at their crafts.

“It comes down to the fuel we put in our hearts — what we read, watch, listen to, who we surround ourselves with, and how we talk to ourselves,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert focused strongly on confidence — physically and mentally — and how it can be applied in all walks of life. Focusing on the positives and creating a more optimistic environment can help remove damaging thoughts that can develop naturally.

“We are all perfectly and meticulously made for a purpose,” Gilbert said. “We have to put the right fuel into our hearts and minds.”
Jodi Turk, a member of the women’s swimming and diving team, is one of many athletes who were pleasantly surprised at how interesting the seminar was, and how much she got out of it.

“He really took his life experiences and the experiences of others to come up with a positive outlook on life and what one can accomplish,” Turk said. “He encouraged [us] to work through the hard spots, where you aren’t the best player, to become the best player.

It was a great way to get students ready for their upcoming seasons, with a new mindset and things to think about as well as their normal practices.

Allyson Hackman, a member of the women’s golf team, saw a connection between sports, as Gilbert was a college athlete himself.
“[He] was a former soccer player, he understood the mental difficulties of playing golf and shared stories and tips on how to better my game,” Hackman said.

Sports rely heavily on mentality, and actively working on the mind is that extra step needed to reach what one wants to become.
Lisa Hehman, coordinator of student-athlete affairs, said she was really happy with the ideas the students came away with.

“The program reinforced what we know to be true and gave us a new sense of direction,” Hehman said. “Doing our best in the moment every day will yield desired results.”


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