September 14, 2015

2020 event plans university's future

By Maria Ivanov

Cleveland State University launched “Pathway to 2020,” Sept. 9, an action plan to focus the future direction of the university.

During the fall term, the initiative will address programs including general education, program prioritization, graduate education, continuing education, research and athletics. Student support includes financial aid, housing strategies and career services.

The enrollment aspect involves strategic management and summer semester strategy. Lastly, they will discuss financial management dealing with the college budget.

In the spring, the area of focus will be core identity – including the mission, vision and values of the university.

Program leaders introduced at the 2020 event were Jim Bennett, chief of staff and special advisor to the president; Tim Long, vice president for finance and technology; Bonnie Kalnasy, budget and financial director; and Deirdre Mageean, Ph.D., and provost and senior vice president of academic affairs.

Bennett described the objective of “Pathway to 2020” as an action plan that will help navigate the challenging environment that faculty, students, staff, volunteers, employers, and partners in the community face in the years ahead.

While introducing “Pathway to 2020,” Cleveland State President Ronald M. Berkman stressed the strengths of the university.

“This is a university that is financially stable; this is a university which has worked to optimize our services to make certain that our students are successful, to make certain that the university remains in a strong financial place,” Berkman said. “That is really the essence of what we are going to hear about.”

The administration emphasized that the planning initiative will lay the foundations for a stable and focused future.



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