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March 23, 2015

Chance at Cavaliers tickets elicits myriad of responses during in-the-street exercise

Contributed By Com 225 Students

Cavs tickets are in high demand in Cleveland this season, but some people are willing to go farther than others to obtain them.

A hypothetical “What would you do for a Klondike bar” morphed into “What would you do for Cavs’ tickets?” in a series of in-the-street interviews conducted at Cleveland State University by a Communication 225 class just before spring break. The event resulted in some surprising answers.

• Adrian Cammon, a 22-year-old firefighter, would be willing to risk himself slightly for some tickets.
“I would pay for them, or maybe embarrass myself a little,” Cammon said, “but only because of Kyrie.”

• Zackery Keider, 18, an on-campus resident majoring in general management, said he would cut off his thumb if that was the only way he could see the Cavs.

• Miguel Manalo, 20, a junior majoring in computer science, said he would walk to Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland’s cold to get tickets.

• A member of the Cleveland State campus security patrol and Cleveland resident Beverly Payton, said she would climb to the highest building in downtown and yell, “Can I please have those tickets? Please?”
She explained she had never been to a game and that she would be delighted to attend just one.

• Her co-worker, Breneta White, also from Cleveland, said, “I would dance, sing, baraoke, whatever was required of me to get the tickets. I love the Cavs.”

• Film student David Goodwater, 22, said, “I’ve gone through some stuff to see the Cavs,” but wouldn’t elaborate, although he did say, “I’d sell one of my cameras.”

Not all members of the Cleveland State community were as committed.

• Claire Lewis, 19, a junior majoring in psychology, said, “I don’t want to see the Cavs. I wouldn’t travel any distance.”

• Professor Evan Lieberman, who lives downtown, responded, “I’m a basketball fan, and I love the Cavs, but tickets are too damn expensive.”
He said he would not give up anything to go to a Cavs game.

• Cleveland State employee Dia Turner, 38, said, “I wouldn’t go too far. I wouldn’t sell my soul or anything – just the bare minimum.”