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Oct. 27, 2014

SGA seeks lower tuition for internship credits

By Kevin Alquist

The Student Government Association at Cleveland State University is pushing for reduced tuition rates for credit hours for internships and more awareness of the importance of student participation in internships throughout their collegiate career.

Allie Dumski, president of SGA, has participated in five internships throughout her four years at Cleveland State and has not received a single credit hour for her time. While Dumski is happy that she was paid for the work she did as an intern, she wants the university to take a more proactive role in ensuring that students have a better way to earn credits for the important apprentice training they receive in the internships.

“[Cleveland State wants] us to have internship opportunities because it’s great for the university to have people working in the city, and they do a great job of letting students know of the opportunities, but it is not very clear on how to get credit for them,” Dumski said.

At a faculty senate meeting Monday, Sept. 15, Dumski stressed that students that give up so much of their time to take on beneficial career experience should be granted more credit hours and be paid closer attention to by advisers throughout their internship.

A part-time student taking on a summer internship pays $1,204.50 to get three credit hours toward their degree at Cleveland State — a number Dumski says is too high regardless of whether or not they are getting paid for their time at the internship considering the lack of classroom attention and professor mentoring that students often receive.

“We need to make sure that if students take the time to get these credits that it is money well spent,” Dumski said at the meeting.

Dumski and the SGA hope that by bringing attention to the issue, students will receive more credit hours, higher pay and professor mentoring throughout their tenure as an intern.

“Some internships are more benficial than others as far as experience goes but you should be gaining more than three credits for it,” Dumski said. “I hope it’s more clear when advisers are promoting the internships that students know what to expect when they commit to doing an internship for credit and what they are getting out of it for their money.”

Deirdre Mageean, Cleveland State provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs, will meet with Dumski on Wednesday, Oct. 29 to discuss realistic opportunities to move forward with SGA’s ideas.
Mageean could not be reached for comment by the time of publication.