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April 13, 2015

Commuter Lounge attracts many CSU students

By Shannon Oblak

As she takes a deep breath and walks into the Student Center, Kate Dangel is relieved to have finally finished her daily commute to campus, and calmly strides to the Commuter Lounge for a quick break before classes begin.

Cleveland State University’s Commuter Lounge is equipped with plenty of places to sit and relax, and a kitchen area with a microwave and a sink for commuters to prepare their lunches.

The lounge is also a designated spot where commuters can learn about events and programs, such as video game competitions and movie outings that are being held at and around campus.

Dangel, a communication major, loves using the lounge as a meeting place for friends,
to work on assignments and to take it easy.

“I like to go there to work on my assignments,” Dangel said. “There’s plenty of room and it’s nice to get away from the second floor of the Student Center which is always so hectic.”

The Commuter Lounge is located on the third floor of the Student Center in room 350. It’s staffed with students who help out when anyone has any questions or concerns. This group also helps organize events to get students more involved in campus activities.Students in the Commuter Lounge

Cleveland State is primarily a commuter college with only 8 percent of its students residing on campus. More than 1,000 students visit the lounge on a weekly basis. With so many people coming in and out of the university’s doors daily, the Commuter Lounge works hard to create programs to entice more students to be active in campus events.

Commuter Cash is a program that awards students with points for each event they attend and participating in campus activities. The Commuter Cash is then traded in for prizes at the end of each semester.

Although this lounge is geared toward getting commuters involved, it is still open for students who live on campus. Any student at Cleveland State can gain Commuter Cash.

Lachen Parks, a promotional communication major and marketing minor, said he believes the Commuter Cash is a great program for students.

“We have really great prizes like concert tickets, bikes and iPad tablets,” Parks said. “It’s a great incentive for commuters to get involved with the school.”

Regardless of how many points a student has earned, everyone has an opportunity to bid on the prizes.

Austin Luu, a computer information science major, has a great time attending these events.

“They’re very well put together and the food they give out is great,” Luu said. “And the fact that it’s free is even better.”

Event calendars are available inside the lounge and online, increasing accessibility for all students to learn about events that are coming up.

Commuters can struggle with meeting new people because they don’t reside on campus, but with the commuter lounge available it can give them opportunities to meet students in the same situation.

Students like Luu have used this lounge to their benefit, making their experience here even more enjoyable.

“It can be difficult meeting new people as a commuter student,” Luu said. “But now I have a place to relax and hang out with friends between classes.”

The Commuter Lounge is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.