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September 16, 2014

CSU teams with Israeli University

By Jaychelle Willis

Cleveland State University and the University of Haifa in Israel are officially in partnership, as President Ronald M. Berkman and Professor David Faraggi, Rector at the University of Haifa, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Aug. 27.

Under the agreement, both parties pledge to create and develop collaborative learning opportunities for students and faculty members.

The relationship between the two institutions was created in May during President Berkman’s trip to Israel. The trip, led by Dr. Elad Granot, assistant dean for Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs, included Cleveland State Executive MBA students on their International Study Tour. During the trip, Dr. Berkman and Granot met with several Israeli universities that were interested in collaborating with Cleveland State. Granot’s follow-up visit in June, prompted him to recommend the University of Haifa as the university’s partner.

“CSU and the University of Haifa share many similarities as urban universities with diverse students and a commitment to providing a global experience,” President Berkman said in a press release.

Granot who previously served on the Cleveland Jewish News (CJN) Company’s Board of Directors said his focus at Cleveland State is to create a union between the Jewish community and Cleveland State.

“I developed an agenda to make a stronger connection between the Jewish community and Cleveland State University,” Granot said in his interview with CJN.

The Israeli visit joins the list of past visits to other countries including India and Dubai. The reasoning for Memorandum of Understanding collaborations is to enhance contributions to higher education internationally. Establishing relationships with universities internationally can produce beneficial teaching opportunities such as joint research activities, exchange of scholars for lectures, research and participation in educational programs. President Berkman said Cleveland State’s partnership with the university will offer resources in Business, Urban Affairs, Natural Sciences, Health Care and Biotechnology.